James Bradford

James joined the Road Safety Foundation in 2007 and is also the Operations Manager for EuroRAP and its sister programme iRAP, for which he sits on the Global Technical Committee.

As Operations Manager he is responsible for the collection, analysis and quality assurance of Star Rating road inspections, James also oversees accreditation of Star Rating inspection systems, and leads on research, development and training of the Star Rating methodology.

James started his career carrying out research and development of electronics. During this time he developed Internal Circuits and software for a number of functions including computer testing and military applications, and carried out research in printed circuit board manufacturing techniques. James joined the Transport Research Laboratory as Associate Engineer in 2003. This role saw him working on road condition monitoring systems, including the development of the SCANNER specification vehicle and the Highway Agencies Traffic Speed Deflectometer.

James holds a Masters Degree in Engineering from Loughborough University and an a Diploma in Industrial Studies