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British EuroRAP Results 2005: Tracking collisions & road improvements


Posted: 09-Mar-2005

Britain's roads are getting safer to drive on, according to an AA Motoring Trust report that assesses the risk of road users being killed or seriously injured. The report, EuroRAP 2005: British Results analyses accident data from 850 main roads and colour-codes them on Risk-Rate maps under standards set by the European Road Assessment Programme (EuroRAP). The Trust's report also reveals that if similar road types, such as single carriageway roads, with above-average risk rates improved to just the average safety rating, more than 200 lives would be saved annually.

Ireland EuroRAP Results 2005: risk rating Ireland's major roads


Posted: 09-Mar-2005

The risk of death and injury to drivers is ten times greater on some rural single carriageways in Ireland than the risk on Motorways. More typically, ordinary single carriageways have six times the motorway collision rate and double that of dual carriageways. These are among the findings from the first major analysis of the Irish major road network carried out under the European Road Assessment Programme - EuroRAP - published today by the AA.