Monthly Archives: December 2009


EuroRAP Awarded for Global Safety by Prince Michael


Posted: 25-Dec-2009

The hard work and commitment of staff at the European Road Assessment Programme (EuroRAP) in establishing its activities in countries across Europe and beyond has been officially recognised.

EuroRAP was presented with a Special International Award by Prince Michael of Kent in recognition of the important role in bringing the programme's activities and methodology to countries throughout Europe. The award was also presented in recognition of the organisation's pivotal role in establishing the International Road Assessment Programme (iRAP). Methodology and standards developed by EuroRAP are now being rolled out through out the world in road assessment programmes.

UK Leading Call For Safe Road Design in Europe


Posted: 01-Dec-2009

The UK's Campaign for Safe Road Design is playing a lead role in calling on the EU to promote a programme of safety engineering on high-risk roads across Europe. It claims the programme will reduce the annual €160bn (2 per cent of European GDP) cost of road crashes by €50bn.

The Campaign makes its call for action to MEPs tonight (2 December) as the European Road Assessment Programme, EuroRAP, publishes maps for 15 EU countries showing the busy high-risk roads where deaths are concentrated.