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GB EuroRAP Results 2009: Measuring & mapping the safety of Britain’s motorways and A roads


Posted: 25-Jun-2009

Single-carriageway A-roads are rated Britain's most dangerous and 58 per cent of A-roads and 25 per cent of motorways fail to rate as safe, according to the latest EuroRAP survey by the Road Safety Foundation, which has tracked and classified the risk-level of roads for the last nine years. Download full report.

For the first time, the Road Safety Foundation's annual study takes account of 45,000km of the country's motorways and A-roads. Previous analysis covered 22,000km of motorways and primary routes.

Safe Road Design Can Save Europe €50bn Every Year


Posted: 04-Jun-2009

Europe can cut its toll of road deaths and serious injuries by a third simply by investing in better road design, saving 150 lives and serious injuries a day and Europe's economy €50bn a year.