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Engineering a Safer Future


Posted: 08-Oct-2012

The government is undertaking a radical review of the finance and ownership of our major roads. Shortly some of the fuel and road tax that drivers pay may well go directly to new organisations responsible for managing roads.

The arrangements for monitoring safety will be key to whether public support for reform is won or lost. This report details the safety levels, stretch by stretch, being achieved on 45,000kms of motorway and A roads - the network on which half of Britain's road deaths are concentrated.

Unlike other infrastructure projects, engineering safe junctions, safe roadsides and safe villages is popular and benefits the whole country. Engineering safe roads is an immediate, flexible and ceratin way to boost GDP.

The government has an opportunity to make engineering a safer future the centrpiece of the finance and ownership reforms it has in mind. The latest British EuroRAP Results for 2012 maps the way.