For the last decade, the Road Safety Foundation has focused on leading the establishment of the European Road Assessment Programme (EuroRAP) in the UK and internationally.

Since its inception in 1999, the Foundation has been the Active member of EuroRAP for the UK representing a model application of what can be achieved. Through its development of the national UK programme the Foundation plays a pivotal role in raising awareness and understanding of the importance of road infrastructure at all levels:

  • Mapping and Performance Tracking: Publishing annually the EuroRAP performance measures showing trends and distribution of road safety risk across the GB road network which can be understood by the general public and policy makers.
  • Guidance: working closely with practitioners to provide guidance on the use of EuroRAP protocols at operational level by road authorities
  • Advocacy: proposing targets for use in strategy setting by Government. With the support of members of the Campaign for Safe Road Design, the Government’s draft road safety strategy for the next decade, A Safer Way: Making Britain’s Roads the Safest in the World, proposed working in partnership with the Foundation in monitoring infrastructure safety performance.

More information on EuroRAP, including its objectives, partners, methodology and national results can be found at the EuroRAP website.

Publications produced by, or in association with, the Road Safety Foundation under the EuroRAP programme can be downloaded from our Library.