British EuroRAP Results 2021: Building Back Safer – Making Roads Fit for 2030
Titled ‘Building Back Safer – Making Roads Fit for 2030’, this year’s report produced in partnership with Ageas Insurance, tracks the performance of motorways and ‘A’ roads in Great Britain.

The report shows how risk varies across the road network and identifies roads that have improved significantly over time and those that remain persistently higher risk.

Investment packages are proposed to help ensure our roads are fit for 2030. The investment opportunity supports wider policy objectives including levelling up of infrastructure safety across Great Britain and provision of facilities for safer active travel.


RSF Report – GB EuroRAP Crash Risk Mapping 2021

GB EurorRAP Crash Risk Mapping Methodology Overview 2021

GB EuroRAP Crash Risk Map 2021

SRN & Proposed MRN Crash Risk Map 2021

England SRN Crash Risk Map 2021

Investment Package Crash Risk Map 2021