Cutting the Cost of Dangerous Roads: BRITISH EURORAP RESULTS 2017

This year, our annual report contains risk mapping and analysis complemented by a new interactive road crash index database. The database, a collaborative project with Ageas, is designed to help reveal to the public, elected Councillors and MPs how roads in their communities rank in safety performance together with the costs of road crashes at a local level.

Last year, in a major innovation, the government allocated £175m to tackle a portfolio of “the 50 most dangerous roads” in England. The 50 local authority ‘A’ roads posing the highest risk of death and serious injury to their users were identified by the Road Safety Foundation through the 2016 analysis.  The new Safer Roads Fund has enabled introduction of a new systematic approach to cutting the social and economic cost of road crashes. It has been warmly welcomed by councils and authorities and ushers in a new era of best practice.

This year’s report presents road crash risk across the network, and identifies over 6,000km of unacceptably higher risk roads that need to be tackled in order to reduce Britain’s road death toll.