This annual report tracks the safety of Britain’s motorways and ‘A’ roads, on which 60% of road deaths take place. Well-targeted packages of intevention can tackle these deaths and generate high economic returns: every year, more than £1.8 billion is diverted from elsewhere in the health budget alone to deal with preventable road crash injuries.

This is the 20th annual report identifying Britain’s significantly improved roads and persistently higher risk roads. It identifies an investment package of £1.2 billion which would improve more than 5,000km of roads and prevent more than 8,000 fatal and serious injuries over the next 20 years, boosting the UK’s economic recovery and protecting the NHS by saving society almost £4.4 billion over the same period.


RSF Report – GB EuroRAP Crash Risk Mapping 2020

RSF Technical Report – GB EuroRAP Crash Risk Mapping 2020

GB EuroRAP Crash Risk Map 2020

SRN & Proposed MRN Crash Risk Map 2020

Investment Package Crash Risk Map 2020

20 Year Comparison Crash Risk Maps

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