Making Road Travel as Safe as Rail and Air: BRITISH EURORAP RESULTS 2016

We no longer need accept road deaths. The annual death toll can be driven towards zero. Travel on our road system can be made as safe as on rail and air within a generation.

Sudden road trauma destroys families but in the past we have failed to count the economic cost. Britain loses around 2% of GDP in road crashes. A lifetime of care for a single victim can cost more than £20m. The NHS and care systems are put under stress.

The key is to eliminate known high risks systematically. This report provides evidence on the risks that road users face across the targetable 10% of British roads where half of all deaths take place – our motorways and ‘A’ roads outside major cities. The risks are mapped across thousands of stretches of road totalling more than 25,000 miles.

The report also shows where risks are falling over time – and where they are not.