The commitment, innovation and clear achievement in reducing deaths and serious injuries on the UK’s road network by the Road Safety Foundation received formal recognition today.

The Foundation was presented with a Prince Michael International Road Safety Award in recognition of its important role in establishing a respected, systematic method of assessing roads and constructively helping road authorities to make their roads safe.

The Foundation has a long legacy of research going back to its inception in 1986, but its more recent work has focused on EuroRAP standards in the UK.

The 2010 tracking report is the largest analysis of its type anywhere in the world, covering 28,000 miles. The report shows where the high risk roads on which road trauma and high costs are concentrated and the measures being successfully applied by road authorities.

In its citation, the award said: “As well as demonstrating consistency in its style of measurement and reporting, the Foundation is also open to exploring new uses for the data it collects, such as production of risk maps in published road atlases; seeking to have the data incorporated into future sat-nav systems; and in 2010, producing the first map of deaths and serious injuries by parliamentary constituency, so that every MP is aware of the risks in their area.

“Detailed regional analysis allows local authorities to understand the performance of their own road against others’, and the sheer scale of the study generates a national picture of the weaknesses of certain road types, for example tourist routes that attract motorcyclists.”

The Foundation was one of a number of organisations which received awards for the most outstanding examples of road safety innovation across the world. Presenting the award on The Prince’s behalf at a global conference on road safety in Windsor, Adrian Walsh, director of RoadSafe said: “The work of the Foundation and the ideas coming from its team have already made Britain’s roads safer and can now be taken to the rest of the world as an important contribution to the Decade of Action for Road Safety due to launch next year.”

Dr Joanne Hill, director of the Road Safety Foundation, said that the award was welcome recognition of the dedication of those working for and with the RSF to improving road safety. “Our team is rightly proud of its key role in making the UK’s road network safe, contributing to a decade of action and supporting other nations