The EuroRAP Road Protection Score provides a star rating for the safety built in to the road, based on how well its design would protect car occupants from severe injury in a collision. Each road is star-rated from 1 to 4, with 4-star representing a road engineered to minimise the likelihood of severe injury.

More than 7000km of UK roads were surveyed in 2006-07 in trials jointly funded by the Highways Agency and the IAM Motoring Trust. Overall, scores for motorways are significantly higher than for Class A roads – about half of motorways and about 10% of Class A roads scored 4-star. However, 2% of motorways and 42% of Class A roads scored less than 3-star.

The report contains the star rating maps for the overall score and for median, run-off and junction safety.

This report shows how data from the star rating might be used to extend the current methodology for identification and prioritisation of roads where improvement is justified.

ADAC contractor report of the UK star-rating trials 2006-07

This ADAC report provides detail of the survey undertaken by ADAC as sub-contractors to TRL as part of producing the report Star rating roads for safety: UK trials 2006-07. The work was co-funded by the Highways Agency and the IAM Motoring Trust as part of the EuroRAP programme. The ADAC report contains the details of the route assessed and charts aggregated scores for different road types.